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Get as close as you can get to exploring the photorealistic landscapes of space!

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Rover Simulator allows you to experience the cosmos through the lens of a Rover. Explore celestial bodies across the galaxy in the pursuit of evidence pointing to signs of life as well as gaining a broader understanding of the universe to pave the way for colonization beyond the Earth.


How many planets can I explore?


Right now there is only 2, the Moon and Mars. We plan to add dozens of planets to explore.

How many rovers are there?


Right now there are only 3, but we plan to add many more rovers and other types of vehicles, like a drone.

What's the Astronaut and Colonization update?


Eventually you will be able to play as an astronaut inside a space station and conduct studies and experiments on samples taken from your rover. After analyzing samples collected from the rover, you can determine weather or not you can colonize the planet. Colonizing will be a big addition to the game expanding on the idea of Rover Simulator, being more than just rovers. When you colonize you will be able to build different structures on the surface of the planet and grow plants and sustain life on the world, while conducting studies and exploring new planets.

System requirements





  • 64-bit processor and operating system


5 GB


Intel Core I5 4690K / AMD FX-9590


GTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 or Better